Apple Logic Pro X Mac Crack Full Version Download

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Appleā€™s music recording software Apple Logic Pro X torrent, in comparison to its predecessors, is a complete overhaul in terms of both performance and aesthetics. The latest version on offer has several new features and tweaks that have enhanced the music processing abilities of the software. With an updated sound technology that appeals to the modern musicians and electronic music artists and producers, the software application offers a fresh new perspective in music recording.With advancements like compressor plug-ins and editing tools, the software should appeal to a majority of musicians around the world. The plugins can be enabled as for effects such as optimization, pitch correction, and additional simulations. These effects offered by such plugins work well allowing a musician to experiment with music through Auto-Tune.

Apple Logic Pro X Mac Crack Full Version Download

Another novel feature offered as a part of the software tool are the virtual instruments available through the application like the piano and the guitar can be played through MIDI input or external music keyboard. The latest on offer from smartphone technology are applications available on iPads to play a virtual instrument. The connectivity options between the iPad and the software are very simple to set up and takes very little time. With a customizable setting, the iPad connection for playing the virtual instrument is an extra asset.

The software application is available for $200 inclusive of a comprehensive toolkit for music processing, editing, and enhancement available to both professionals and novices.

Key Features

  • Support for Logic Remote using iPad or iPhone
  • Dedicated plug-in organizer that assists in management of plug-ins
  • Ten unique virtual drummer personalities on offer like Techno, Dubstep etc.
  • Automation is now region based and not just on a track-per-track basis
  • Ability to tweak and modify drum personality using the electronic drum manipulation interface during recording
  • Enhanced Piano roll editor along with brush tool to remember your tracks
  • Ability to register as an artist on Apple Music, the biggest platform for music

Main Pros and Cons


  • The user-interface of the software application is user-friendly as every option and plugin laid out beautifully scattered for better use and function.
  • The iPad integration that enables users to use their iPad as a virtual instrument, a piano or a guitar, works very smoothly and is useful for musicians all around the world to make their music heard.


  • A select few of the good plug-ins available with the software are expensive, making them more inaccessible to the public.
  • More importance for music and its effects like digital/electronic music rather than conventional live audio recording

Most Common Users: Being a well-known music recording and production tool, the application is critical to someone looking for a decent music experience for their own compilations and scores and expand their music for a bigger audience. Budding artists and aspiring bands will use the software for editing and polishing their music.

Author Note:Apple Logic Pro X Crack torrent is a powerful music editing and processing suite that offers superior performance in terms of the music developed and with an immersive user interface that is easy to use.