CleanMyMac X 4.4.0 Crack + Keys Free Download

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Every computer needs an all-in-one cleaning solution; it doesn’t matter whether it is Windows or Mac. On the Windows side of the ecosystem we have a lot of options but for Mac users, the options are quite limited. Today we are reviewing the Cleanmymac 4.0.2 by Mac paw, which the company claims to be one of the most reliable all-in-one solutions for Mac. A good all-in-one solution needs to excel in cleaning; organizing and maintaining a clutter-free System. Now let us examine what Cleanmymac 2 can offer.

Cleanmymac 2 Crack + Keys Free Download

Key Features of Cleanmymac 4.4.0 Crack

  • Easy to use UI with superior looks and style
  • Safe and secure operations
  • Different modes of scan with customization options built-in
  • Configurable automatic scan
  • Works only with administrative permission
  • Ability to target and erase vast and old files
  • Little footprint and efficient use of available resources
  • Built-in Uninstaller functionality for easy application management
  • System cleanup utility which clear cache and log information
  • Iphoto compatibility

Main Pros and Cons:


  • Configurable automatic scan- this feature allows users to run automatic system scans with a predefined set of instructions on locations and scan criteria.
  • Intelligent cleaning system- with great powers there is a great responsibility, so the intelligent cleaning system protocols and algorithm enables greater security and safety. Only those files would be cleaned which won’t pose any threat existing to user data or experience
  • Administrative permissions- the software requires system administrator permissions to execute by incorporating this feature the developers have ensured data security.
  • Erase functionality- this enables users to delete files without leaving any traces or ability to restore


  • Lack of compatibility with external drives- One of the biggest drawbacks of this software is that it cannot run scans on external drives. This won’t be a big deal breaker for normal home users but for professional and super users this might be a disappointment.
  • Inability to work with cloud and networks- for the time being, there is no option to run scans on networks
  • Cost- all good things do come with a cost so does this software, but we feel it should cost less.
  • Disappointment for super users-Mac users are normally not into advanced user experience like that, here also the developers have denied advance user experience. In short, it’s a simple program for the masses.

Cleanmymac 2

Most common users:

Every Mac user does need some cleaning solution, and it is not just for professionals offices and even home user require one. The simple day to day tasks can clog up the system in the long run. As we said, anyone who uses their Mac for simple media consumptions to professionals, all of us would appreciate that extra space and speed.

Author Note:

Cleanmymac 4 crack had big expectations to fulfill; there are not too many alternatives for this software right now, and the ones that exist have too little to brag about. The developers have kept their word and overall it is not a bad choice to have it installed. Well we won’t say it is the perfect solution for all your troubles but it does offer something for everyone.