Intego Mac Internet Security X9 For Mac Full Download

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The internet is an essential part of modern computing. It is a fantastic platform that facilitates communication, business transactions, and entertainment. However, it is also a dangerous place. Every time you get on the internet, your computer is exposed to malware and hackers. If they gain access, they can steal or destroy your data. It is, therefore, necessary to install have a powerful internet security software installed in them.

This comes in the form of the Mac Internet Security X9. This application has been engineered with the sole intention of offering your computer and data superior protection against all sorts of malicious bots and people on the internet. It does extensive scanning to ensure that no attacker gains access to your sensitive data. Furthermore, therefore its usage is not limited to Mac users on, therefore, e installed in computers running on Windows too. The other great thing about it is that it has a high performance and can be able to detect any kind of threat before it escalates. This and other features guarantee you of all-round security at all times.

Key Features Of Intego Mac Full Version

  • Netbarrier firewall
  • Can scan other Apple devices including iPhone and iPads
  • Network activity monitor
  • Network protection based on IP address
  • High threat detection rate of up to 99%
  • Low system requirements
  • Customizable features and functionalities
  • Detection of connected devices

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Main Pros and Cons

  • The inbuilt Netbarrier functionality offers one of the most advanced two-way firewalls on the market today. It scans and monitors not only incoming but also outgoing data for any threats that may have a negative impact on the integrity of your system
  • The application is not limited to MacBooks only since it can also be installed on Windows. This means that regardless of the OS you are using, you can protect your data using it. This is also very convenient for those who run both operating systems on a single computer
  • Sometimes danger lurks in the devices that your computer connects to either wirelessly or through a cable. That is why the application has been made capable of scanning both iPads and iPhones for all-round security. Additionally, it allows you to choose which devices to connect to over a network hence protecting your data
  • Sometimes depending on your IP address, you may be susceptible to more attacks. This software includes a location-based protection system that guarantees you of ultimate protection regardless of which tunnel you are accessing the internet through
  • It also has low system requirements including memory and CPU time. You therefore do not have to worry about the application taking too much space in your computer or slowing it down. The impact on the system is minimal.


  • It does not have a web scanner and hence cannot sift through a website before you visit it. This can expose the computer to attacks if you visit rouge sites.

Most Common Users

Generally, this is an application that can be used by any computer user who is cautious about the security and integrity of their data. It is also essential for Mac users who want a security tool that has been specifically made for their machines.

Author note:

If you care about your safety and privacy while on the internet, then this is one software you cannot miss installing in your machine.