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Numbers for Mac is considered as the best edition of Apple’s spreadsheet app. This collaboration tool is more efficient and reliable compared to its predecessor Numbers 5.2. New changes and features have been added to it enabling it to work on spreadsheets on the web, iOS, and OS X. Every activity is controlled by a context-sensitive right- hand panel making it appear neat. This, however, leads to a lot of clicking between tabs for scores of general tasks.

Numbers have been set up to work together with iCloud Drive. This gives users the benefit of editing the same worksheet on some platforms including the web.

This version of Numbers Cracked allows images to be used as a source for the object making a chart look unique in its way. Numbers will then evaluate the colors of the icon and introduce them to the selected object.

Charts have increased their powers in that a maximum of five reference lines can be now be added to a particular graph. This makes it simple to present an average, mode, medium or a custom value as a diagram suggestion.

Numbers 5.1 also gives you the chance to sort on a subset of rows as well as on multiple columns found in the table.

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Key features

  • VoiceOver accessibility technology for editing charts and adding comments to documents
  • Support for SplitView
  • Ability to view Photo’s Collection from the Media Browser
  • Alignment guides for working with multiple tables on a single sheet
  • Improved Excel and compatibility when reading and exporting
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Force-click trait
  • Improved typographical tools with better support for glyphs, contextual fractions, and small-caps.

Main Pros and Cons


  • When working with large spreadsheets, performance has improved tremendously, and the opening of test files takes shorter periods of time. This is a relief for clients especially those working with large documentation.
  • It gives guarantees room for multitasking. Without the Full-screen mode, you will be able to work on more than two things at the same time.


  • Numbers do not include some Chinese, Japanese and Korean input features such as vertical texts.
  • There is no editable formula bar. Supposing you do not like the formula box, you have to constantly resize and move it after use.
  • The help version only works where internet connections are available, so customers who require assistance get stuck on the way. At the very least, base version should be made available without necessarily using the Internet connection.

Most common users

Scripters get the chance to use the redefined AppleScript that comes with options for Excel export and PDF.

Macro users also benefit from Numbers in the sense that they get to share documented information with a lot of people. Home users prefer Numbers because of its quality, professional looking templates.

Author note

There is a noticeable change regarding cleanliness. I would recommend Numbers for Mac to anyone as it tops the list of the 3.x series. Simply put, the majority of the current features end all the mental anguish experienced previously and are to crave for. It has the capability of making numbers great again.