Office for mac 2011 Official Updated Full Version Download

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Office Mac 2011 is an Office Suite that makes doing work in the office and home more efficient and fast. Ideally, navigation through the different functions is easy due the easy to use interface Mac ribbon. Notably, the new ribbon is a significant enhancement of Office 2008. To start with, ribbon is built entirely with Apple’s Cocoa development framework. This feature makes the Suite feel more like Mac than Office.

With Office Mac 2011, several people can work on the same document and have a threaded conversation right next to the relevant text.  It does not matter if you and the workmates are in the same room or at different places. Moreover, Office for Mac 2011 enables instant communication among people working on the work.

Office for mac 2011 Official Updated Full Version Download

Further, Office Mac 2011 features a focus mode for reading and writing. Focus mode minimizes all the commands leaving only the commands you need thus creating an uncluttered environment.

Searching for anything on a document is remarkably easy. You can search for a word, a phrase and even a character in the search bar and it will be instantly highlighted in the document. Moreover, once you open the sidebar, you can see all the search results, find and replace text and search for special characters.

PowerPoint has also too been made more efficient. It features a new PowerPoint presenter view that allows a user to display the current slide, next slide, speaker notes while projecting only the current slide to your audience. More so, Office  Mac 2011 enables easy sharing of presentation and even simultaneous sharing of presentations and even enabling persons to work on a presentation simultaneously.

Office for mac 2011 Official Updated Full Version Download

Supported file types:

  • Documents(, HTML, DOC,MHT, MHTML,TXT, XML,WPS..)
  • Audio(MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, AIF, APE..)
  • Video(MPG, FLI, FLC, MP4, AVI, WMV, MPEG,…)
  • Photo images(ANI, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, RAW, SWF, RAF..)

Main features of Office for mac 2011

  • New ribbon on top of each document window
  • Customizable ribbon; completely collapsible
  • Visual style guides that show where and how styles have been applied
  • Enhanced coauthoring tools
  • Vast gallery of equation elements for math use
  • Equation tools directly available on the ribbon
  • Online access to documents
  • Online Word extensions that allow sharing, edit, post and share documents
  • Browser function with enabled auto correct, spelling checker tools
  • Compatibility with many file formats
  • Easy collaboration on documents with other users
  • Visual basic in Word for Mac 2011
  • Re-engineered the Outlook message database system
  • Visual Basic macro language

Operating systems:

  • Mac OSX 10.5.8
  • Mac OSX 10.10.1
  • Mac OSX 10.9.3

Installation requirements:

  • Memory; 1GB RAM
  • 5 GB available hard disc space
  • Intel processor

How To Install and Use

  • Quit any applications that are running
  • Go to download link;
  • Enter product ley and click ‘Verify.’
  • Click link to the language version that you want and ‘Confirm.’
  • Click ‘Download File’ when prompted
  • Follow on- screen instructions to save file
  • Double-click downloaded file to open
  • Double-click Office installer icon to initiate installation
  • Follow instructions on the screen to install
  • If prompted, enter Mac password and username
  • Click ‘OK’ to allow installer make changes
  • Close Once you receive the message ‘installation was successful.’
  • Enter Product Key on the Welcome to ‘Welcome to Office: Mac 2011’screen to activate
  • To finish, save product information and then continue