Parallels Desktop 14 Crack for Mac New Launched Version

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Parallels desktop 14 crack is a well-known application among Mac users. It is the most popular virtualization software available on OS X, due to its simplicity. The virtualization software programs are nifty programs, they allow the user to create a virtual machine inside one operating system in order to run another operating system. Using virtualization software can become a bit complex, if you do not know what you are dealing with, it is a complicated procedure. This is where the Parallels desktop excels; they have the most user-friendly interface in the category. Virtualization software programs are highly competitive; there is almost no room for error. Perfection is the key, tipping the scale in favor of one program against the other is not an easy task. Let us see what Parallels Desktop has to offer.

Key Features:

  • Run both Windows and Linux based OS
  • Easy setup and VM creation Wizard
  • Integration of Host OS with VM OS
  • Allows easy installation of image files
  • Fluid and clutter free user interface
  • Superior performance with lag free inputs
  • Optimal use of system resources
  • Automatic mounting of cloud storages
  • Directly install ISO files from connected USB drive
  • Superior graphics performance

 Parallels Desktop 9

Main Pros and Cons:


  • Performance: The Parallels Desktop is costlier than its competition so it should perform well to justify the price. It runs lag free and the graphics are better than what the competition has to offer – making it the best-performing virtualization software of the lot.
  • Ease of use: If the performance doesn’t impress you, the simplicity that the software offers will definitely do. The installation and virtual machine setup are really simple, thanks to its user-friendly wizard.
  • OS Integration: The Host operating system and virtual machine operating system, are well integrated so you can run Windows on Mac as if it is the native OS


  • Lack of privacy and user controls: Many users have reported the lack of privacy and poor user controls. Some users have filed reports about the remote accessing and some other critical privacy issues.
  • Cost: The software is the priciest of the virtualization software available for the Mac. There are much cheaper alternatives that offer the same functionality.
  • Poor support for OS X guest mode: The windows and the Linux run well, but some users reported that the OS X guest mode is a failure.

Most common users:

Parallels desktop 14 crack is a simple yet powerful software program for the average Mac user. The ability to run Windows programs on the Mac will open up a lot of new possibilities for the users. Even though Mac OS is well built to handle almost every task thrown at it, there are certain things that are not supported on Mac. The simplicity of the program will attract a lot of new Mac users, who miss the Windows platform.

Author Note:

Parallels Desktop 14 is a one of kind software, it performs very well and there is not much to complain. If you are looking for a reliable, easy to use virtualization software for Mac, look no further than the Parallels Desktop is offering.