PowerPoint for mac 2019 Full Version With Crack

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With the aim of improvement and better functioning than its predecessors, the only word that comes to mind after using this well-known application is ‘wonderful.’ If you take your time to compare the 2018 version with the 2011 version, you will find out that this new edition has been modernized and is so easy to use. PowerPoint for mac free download full activated.

PowerPoint for mac 2016 Full Version With Crack

Having in mind that we live in a world where technology is modified on a daily basis, the PowerPoint mac developers focused on creating something that seemed more transparent and reliable than ever before. In this new Mac PowerPoint, the change made on the ribbon is clearly perceptible and is close to resembling the online and Windows PowerPoints. By being removed, renamed and assigned new icons, the new edition is quite impressive.

Most of the tabs have been either minimized or relocated in order to make it less bulky. Apart from that, there are 24 brand new themes. Even though this is less than the themes in the 2011 PowerPoint, each theme has many variants. New fonts, backgrounds, and colors have been added just a click away after buying and installing this powerful application.

There is also a great improvement regarding the combination with Office 365 and OneDrive in terms of storage, syncing and saving of documents by default. Moreover, there is a new comment thread feature for all those who want to comment about a certain presentation. Sharing of presentations and files has never been this easier. You can now send a file to someone who doesn’t have a copy of the Mac PowerPoint, and they can view it online.


  • Brand new modernized transitions
  • Better and amazing conflict resolution
  • One can receive files online and even edit them without the application
  • The presenter views have been made better and quite flexible
  • Introduction of the format pane and animation pane found on a new sidebar on the right
  • The screen clutter is reduced through the interface consolidation


  • It is pleasant, modern, clearer and friendlier
  • The layout of the ribbon has been improved
  • Effective and better integration between Office 365 and OneDrive
  • Superior theme options and variants
  • Effective to perform tough tasks


  • The toolbar available cannot be customized
  • There is no option where you can save as a graphic series or as a movie
  • Does not have a feature for enabling comparison
  • Has lagged behind and has few features unlike the Windows PowerPoint

PowerPoint for mac 2016 Full Version With Crack

Most common users

The 2019 Mac PowerPoint, just like all the other PowerPoint versions, is used by the people making presentations every now and then. Whether it is a presentation made in a board meeting, a conference of even in a casual gathering, this PowerPoint application makes things so much easier and saves the energy you could have used to explain most of the basic things displayed in the PowerPoint.

Author note:

Indeed, this is a must buy for every PowerPoint user. Incorporating style and effectiveness, this is meant for you. Don’t wait any longer; the future is right in front of you!