Secure Eraser Mac Final Crack Portable Download

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When you delete something from your computer or empty your recycling bin, the selected files are never completely gotten rid of. Deleting files in Mac OS X only result in the operating system forgetting the location of the specific files, but the data is physically present on the hard drive. This can pose a security problem as people can still access and view your sensitive personal data. Secure Eraser Mac is a software that gives you the utmost protection. It completely and permanently gets rid of discarded data from Mac OS based hard drives. It has an integrated Empty Trash function that gives a powerful level of safety. The Permanent Eraser for Mac utilizes the Gutmann encryption technique, which is five times more potent to achieve the most protected elimination of data from your system.

The program works by Permanent unlinking files from your system. It has potent erasing algorithms that ensure permanent deletion of data, beyond the scope of recovery. Once your files have been deleted with Secure Eraser, they can no longer be opened or ready conventional means.

For anyone who handles a hefty volume of secure documents and needs them to be permanently deleted from a computer after use, this program is ideal. But it is also perfect for the average user, who desires to get rid of simple documents. Secure Eraser for Mac is available for purchase; however, you can download the free version to evaluate the wiping features before deciding to purchase. Many features make the erasing software an excellent choice.

Key Features

  • It wipes the entire Mac hard drive in just one step with its potent and fast wiping methods.
  • All unwanted data are permanently deleted.
  • Users have more security. All data wiped away are beyond the scope of recovery by conventional means.
  • Entire files and folders can be deleted without difficulty.
  • The software wipes sensitive internet browsing information that is stored as cookies, temporary files, user sessions and more. It deletes files from all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Camino, Adobe Flash Player, iCab, Omniweb, Navigator.
  • Unwanted system traces, which take up drive space, are also wiped.
  • The software also wipes free space from where data may have been deleted from your hard disk in the past. This helps to avoid the chance of data that has been deleted from being recovered.
  • This data eraser aids in shielding the privacy of your file from unauthorized access by deleting all current file histories.
  • All Instant Messaging data such as logout time, login time, and messages received/ sent can be eliminated.
  • The software provides an easy to use interface with simple and detailed instruction for each step.
  • The software can wipe more than one drives simultaneously.
  • Users are allowed to choose a set of preferences, which includes an arrangement of tasks to be performed routinely when the wiping process is finished.


Whether you handle a large number of files that need to be permanently wiped or a single file, Secure Eraser Mac has the features that ensure that the job is done properly.