Skype For Mac for business Latest Version Free Download

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Skype (Mac) is among the leading platforms used in social and business communication. As a matter of facts, it offers quality and secure video conferencing services. Initially, Skype evolved from peer to peer kind of network in the year 2003. The basic initiative was to provide a platform for people to share audio and video messages over the internet. During its first release in 2003, the mobile and telephone technology was still undeveloped and Skype offered an opportunity for people to share around the world.Before getting to Microsoft company, Skype was initially bought by eBay then a group of investors before finally landing to Microsoft after they paid $8.5 billion.

To date, Skype is still offering these services with more features and upgrades being performed to enhance communication. Skype for Mac is a latest brand for Mac Operating system users. Skype had been serving for Windows Operating system for a long time, but it is now on the shelves of Apple app store. This application allows the user to make free communications all over the globe with the other Skype users and a small charge for connections to other platforms.

Skype For Mac 7.36 Latest Version Free Download

Skype for Mac is characterized by a user-friendly and very interactive user interface. Upon installation of Skype for Mac, Skype provides the user with the necessary guides they need to set up everything including webcam, microphone, and the contact/address book. To expand the preferences and functionality of Skype services, a Mac user can pay a monthly subscription of $4.99. This subscription unlocks many features such as an ability to have a 10-group video call, ability to call on any platform in any country, screen sharing, and many more premium features. Skype for Mac also enables the user to link with Facebook; chat and receive updates.

Supported Filetypes:

  • Skype is downloaded from different platforms as a Skype_7.24.335.dmgapplication file


  • Available as a free software
  • Free calls across the globe
  • High quality and secured free video calls
  • Excellent Instant messaging
  • Unlimited numbers on the address book
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Flexible to communicate with people using other Operating Systems
  • Cheap premium upgrade rates
  • Unlimited use of Emoticons
  • Enables multitasking
  • Ability to share documents and media files such as audios, videos, images and even contacts

Operating System:

  • Skype for Mac is only available for Mac Operating Systems
  • However, Skype is available in other versions for each available Operating System

Installation Requirements:

  • Mac OSX 10.1 or better
  • Snow Leopard Mac OS X
  • 100MB Free hard disk
  • Intel 1Ghz processor
  • 1GB RAM or higher
  • External or built in Microphone
  • Internet Connection of up to 4Mbps and 512kbps download and upload respectively

How to Install and run:

  • Visit the Skype website and download Skype for Mac.
  • When the download is finished, run the file with .dmg extension
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Login or sign up with your details and enjoy chatting and making calls from all over the world – the whole process is incredibly easy, and you will handle it easily even if you aren’t a tech savvy person.