Viber For Mac 10.4.0 {2019} Latest Version / Viber Mac

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Viber For Mac is an ideal application. Today we are living in an internet society full of innovations. Internet and technology have turned the world into a global village. The technology has connected people from far off places. Nowadays people can communicate with each other within Nanoseconds.

Viber is an application developed for connecting people all around the world. Through Viber, you can have free text, audio, and video chat. Viber mac application has been available on the mobile device for the past few years. Until now it wasn’t possible to use Viber on a desktop. Finally, now a desktop client has been developed and released for windows and mac.

Viber for Mac is ranked no 2 in Chat and messaging. It was last updated on 17th September 2018.

Viber For Mac 10.7 Free Latest Version / Viber Mac

Key features Viber Mac Free Download 

  • Viber for Mac enables you to communicate with other Viber users on any device and network
  • It syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device and makes sure that whatever you left off on your mobile device can be picked up.
  • It provides HD quality voice calls.
  • Video calling from Viber is good, but it’s still in beta version and cannot compete with other rivals in the market such as Skype
  • Viber for Mac is fun to be used. You can have text, photos or sticker chat.
  • Another interesting feature of Viber for Mac is that it seamlessly transfers ongoing calls from one device to another.
  • It provides a variety of stickers making it easier to have a playful and fun chat.
  • Public chat is another feature of this software. You can follow the public chat of different celebrities and favorite personalities.
  • Viber can be setup for Mac if and only if you have a Viber installed and activated on your mobile device.
  • No registration, passwords or invitations are required.
  • To be able to enjoy the new features of Viber for Mac, users need to update their Viber mac smartphone app to version 3.0.
  • It does not provide all the features and functionalities which the mobile version of Viber possesses.
  • It is a great competitor for Skype and Messages for Mac.
  • The interface for Viber for Mac is simple and elegant. You can easily use it because of its user-friendly interface.
  • Viber for Mac is a powerful Instant messaging and voice over IP client
  • The user can have a group chat (max 40 people) on Viber for Mac.
  • Viber for Mac has some drawbacks too. The application starts itself up whenever you turn on your computer.
  • Viber for Mac can be installed for free and is easy to setup on PCs.
  • You can quickly set up Viber on your PC. Install the Viber app, enter your phone no and start connecting with your friends all over the world.

Supported OS:

  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Author note:

If you want to keep in touch with your dear ones, this software is way too good. Viber on Mac provides you with best of the best services and helps you to connect with your friends and family.