WinRAR For MAC 5.70 Full Download

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WinRAR for Mac is best rar software for MAC operating system. As the time passes, the hardware gets increasingly powerful. Today, TB’s of data can be stored on a single PC, but data usage has also increased with time. Today a single HD movie is more than 2GB in size and a computer game can take up to 20GBmemory space. So to store this huge amount of data on a limited hardware we need compression software like WinRAR.

WinRAR for Mac comes as a ready solution for almost all Operating systems, but today we are going to take a look at WinRAR for Mac. The software gives the user full control while keeping the user interface simple. It does a better job than any other compression software available on the market. Let us take a look at some of the key features of this software.

WinRAR for MAC 5.30 Full Download

WinRAR for MAC 5.30 Full Download

Features Download WinRAR for MAC

  • It compresses files to zipping or RAR archives, so you can share them with anyone quickly.
  • It can extract 14 types of files including iso, 7z, tar, etc. So, for WinRAR users compatibility is not at all an issue.
  • It can compress files up to 16Eib. It means you can compress your whole drive in just one zip or RAR files. This feature is extremely important for backup purposes.
  • The RAR format of WinRAR Mac can compress files 30% smaller than Zipping files. This allows you to backup important data without worrying about space.
  • The software provides the functionality to delete the files automatically after creating the archive.There is practically no need to select manually and remove the files after a secure backup.
  • It provides the users control to change the compression rate. Using a higher compression rate can take time, but it saves much more space.
  • It provides you the control to secure your file using a password. You can also encrypt the file names so no one can know what is inside the archive.
  • The WinRAR for mac OS has the ability to convert one format like TAR to another RAR or ZIP format and thus further enhancing cross format and platform compatibility.This way, Mac users can receive files from Windows users and then convert them to their required format.
  • It also has the feature to compress a file and send it directly to someone through email.
  • In case you want to send someone some files which should be placed in specific folders. The software has an auto-extraction function to do just that. This feature is extremely useful in software sharing and developing.
  • It gives you full control like the functionality over an archive. You can exclude some files from an archive even after compression. You can comment about your archives as well.
  • It also can extract the archives into multiple volumes. So in limited sharing, you can create 2 archives of 200mb each of a 400mb movie. You can create file sizes according to requirements. These files can be joined to make the whole file again.
  • It also can recover damaged archives or files to some extent.
  • It provides you the feature to scan your archives before extracting. This helps to save the computer from potential virus attacks.

Operating System Requirements

  • Mac OS X all versions.

Author Note:

WinRAR for mac is extremely useful for sharing large files over the network. It is also very handy for data backup and keeping your storage safe for extended periods of time.